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In the year 3000, humanity reached new frontiers and evolved into unique bionic species propelled by advanced technology. However, as they grew into mechanical beings, a deep sense of disconnection began to pervade their lives. Yearning for a way to reignite the human connection and undo this curse, a group of visionary explorers emerged.

Their journey commenced with a quest to find the Lost Souls, rumoured to be the last group of individuals who retains human form. The Explorers observed a curious blip on their radar and descended. Working through the piles of sand and debris, they were able to unveil the shuttle’s name, The Ark etched onto its hull.

After much experiment, the vessel’s true secret was unveiled— an energy source fueled not by conventional means, but by the power of happiness itself. In their moment of celebration, their collective joy had triggered the long-dormant mechanisms of The Ark, breathing life into the vessel.

What’s Upcoming

Our shuttle ARK 11 has docked in, prepared with many exciting events and happenings, so come over and enjoy nights of endless fun, meet exquisite VIP guests, or just simple intoxicate yourself to the cool sci-fi vibes. Be part of the exploration today!

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