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ARK 11, Singapore’s latest revolutionary nightclub at the forefront of immersive technology, set to transform the landscape of entertainment and tourism. A visionary concept to build a high-impact nightlife theme park made possible with the builders of Universal Studios Singapore. ARK 11 offers an unparalleled journey into the realms of futuristic space club for party goers in Singapore and beyond.

Engage with the 4D marvel of immersive environments, each designed to elevate your senses in a visual word. ARK 11 pushes the envelope of interior design, turning fantasy into reality.

From the spacecraft-style tunnel entrance to the vessel-like walls, every aspect embodies intricate craftsmanship and fun theatrics. Crew are dressed thematically awaiting explorers to get onboard.

ARK 11’s ingenuity extends far beyond this. The installations within are a testament to the creative spirit of its founders. Step onto the dance floor, lit by holographic tunnels, and be transported into an otherworldly dimension.

The AI-powered bar not only serves your favourite drinks but also delights you with visually captivating displays, adding a futuristic touch to your night. Approach our AI bartender to learn more about the vessel and hidden lore behind the mission.

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